Helpful Instructions to Follow After Breast Augmentation

June 25, 2014

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast implant surgery, is a very popular procedure which has given millions of women a fuller, more feminine figure. But, as with all surgical procedures, post-operative care is crucial for making a successful and rapid recovery.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Your plastic surgeon will of course have discussed all aspect of your breast augmentation procedure before your surgery. This helps you prepare mentally for the procedure, as knowing what to expect reduces stress and anxiety.

What to do after breast augmentation surgery 

  • You must ensure you have plenty of rest immediately after your surgery. The anesthesia will naturally make you feel tired and dizzy. You should expect some pain and swelling, and your surgeon may give you additional painkillers to take if needed.
  • You must restrict your movement during the first few days, so you do not disturb the incisions.Your surgeon may have used a small drain, or tube, to allow the removal of excess fluid. These drains will be removed by your surgeon during follow-up appointments. They are usually removed after about a week.
  • You must leave your dressings in place, and it is essential that you do not get them wet. Keeping your dressings dry will reduce the chance of infection developing. If you have been prescribed antibiotics, ensure you finish the course. Your surgeon will examine your dressings and the incisions at your follow up appointment. You will be permitted to shower after the stitches have been removed.
  • You must sleep on your back after breast implant surgery, which protects the incisions and ensures you are not applying pressure on your breasts. This is often difficult at first, so ensure you have plenty of comfortable pillows to keep you in place.

What to expect after breast augmentation surgery

You should expect bruising and swelling after your breast implant surgery. This is normal, and will reduce over time. Many surgeons recommend putting ice bags gently on your breasts to hasten recovery.

Any loss of sensitivity will also dissipate.

When to see your surgeon

You will see your surgeon for your follow-up appointment, but you must contact your surgeon if you notice sudden differences between your breasts. For instance, if one of your breasts becomes significantly more swollen, or is more tender, more painful, or harder than the other breast.

You should also contact your surgeon if you have any significant concerns with your breast augmentation recovery.

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