4 Procedures to get your Pre-Baby Body Back

February 15, 2015

Having a family and being a mother does not mean that your body as you knew it before the pregnancy is gone.

Pre-Baby Body Back

Despite the fact that your body has undoubtedly changed, you can still go back to enjoying the pre-baby body you had, and all the benefits that came with it including the compliments, flirtatious exchanges, and high self-esteem.

Exercising and eating healthy to promote weight loss is a part of getting back to your previous shape, but the body can only bounce back so much on its own. Weight reduction will not help with overly stretched skin, stretch marks, and cellulite. Instead, you will need some help from a qualified surgeon.

Weight Loss the Easy Way
Some people are able to lose weight easily, while others are not — these are uncomfortable facts about our bodies that we have to face. For those of us who find it difficult to achieve or maintain our goal weight, it’s easy to blame ourselves. However the truth is that changing our eating habits can lead towards yo-yo dieting more often than not. Instead, why not find a better alternative that has permanent effects, especially since fluctuating weight is hard on our bodies and our minds?

Liposuction is not necessarily meant as a fat reduction procedure, but instead as a way to contour our bodies. It can give you more definition in areas where you struggled to trim down through dieting and exercise. Your body shape after liposuction can last for years after the procedure and is a great option for women who don’t naturally have feminine silhouettes.

Breast Lifts, Implants or Reductions
Depending on how your body reacted to your pregnancy, your breasts have likely lost volume, perk, and size in general. However, there are women who are used to small breasts and are now finding themselves with a rather large chest.

Whatever your desires are for your breasts, you can achieve the shape and size of your ideal breasts through a lift, augmentation, or reduction.

Changes in Skin Texture
Despite what beauty product companies might say, there is no over-the-counter, topical cream that can fix changes in skin texture. Luckily, there are some cosmetic procedures for moms who are looking to manage the changes in their skin.

Cellulite removal is caused by hormonal changes and usually affects thighs and buttocks. LipoDissolve, Mesotherapy, and VelaSmooth permanently removes the cellulite so that your skin appears smoother.

A tummy tuck can also remove the excess skin hanging from your abdominal area so that your tummy looks taut. The incision is made well below your belt line and is hidden below your underwear so that it’s difficult to tell that you had the procedure in the first place, or if you’ve had a C-Section, the scar can be in the same area as to not further mark your skin.

Whatever you’re looking for in a post-baby body, you can achieve it with a few fast, safe and simple procedures. Contact Dr. Backstein’s office today to hear all your options for getting your body back!

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