How To Achieve a Thigh Gap with a Thigh Lift

May 13, 2014
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Through aging and dramatic changes in weight, skin will lose its elasticity. A thigh gap gives a pleasant contour to the leg. For legs that are more toned from muscle, the thigh gap gives the appearance of a more feminine shape. For legs that are softer, the thigh gap gives some structure. In the summer having a shapely body makes it easier to wear your favourite outfits.

Thigh Lift

How Loose Skin Is Formed

When the body gains weight, skin stretches out to accommodate the extra tissue. After the weight is lost, the skin may or may not shrink to match the amount or shape of tissue underneath. Not all areas of skin have the same elasticity. In addition, muscles develop differently depending on the exercises done. The way that your skin is pulled and stretched can reduce its quality. Even young people can experience skin that hangs away from the body.

What Exercise and Diet Can and Can’t Do

If you are not at target weight and your skin hangs loosely from your legs, more weight loss will not help with elasticity. Developing muscle can help with giving your legs shape, but it may not resolve the issue of loose skin. Also, for many of us, too much muscle isn’t the ideal body shape. The main way of targeting loose skin, other than gaining weight, is to trim it from the legs.

What is a thigh lift?

The thigh lift is a simple procedure that removes excess skin so that it rests taut above the tissue underneath. It can also be combined with liposuction to remove fat from the leg. When there’s too much fat underneath, the leg appears doughy. Once the fat is removed, the contours of the tissue underneath are more pronounced. The result is a tight and shapely leg ready for summer.

Thigh lifts can be performed on the inner thigh and/or the outer thigh. Small incisions are made to remove the skin which will leave minor traces after healing has completed. Luckily, these incisions can be conveniently hidden, making them difficult to spot. The result is a very natural appearance of a feminine lower body.

The procedure itself takes 2 to three hours. Recovery takes place over 2 to 3 weeks. After a day of staying off your feet, you can resume your regular activities as long as they’re not too strenuous. Light exercise can take place after a few weeks.

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