How to Get Rid of Flabby Upper Arms

May 6, 2014
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Tone up your arms with a procedure that reduces loose skin hanging from your upper arms. The excess skin may also come with some fat, giving the appearance of flabby arms. All this may be difficult to change without professional assistance. Skin that has been stretched out may not shrink to match your arm size. At this point, no amount of dieting or arm workouts will help. Although muscle does shape your body, it’s hard for certain body types to add any bulk to triceps. Additionally, having well defined arms is not the ideal look for those who want a feminine appearance.

Flabby Upper Arms

Should you get an arm lift?

Adults with excess skin around the upper arm or who suffer from laxity are good candidates for the procedure. Excess skin can appear from rapid and dramatic weight gain and weight loss. Excess skin may not appear evenly across the body, so just because your lower arms and legs were able to shrink, other parts of the body may not be as lucky. Aging can also lead to loose skin. The arms are a very visible part of the body that isn’t easy to hide if you play sports or live in a warm climate. If you are in overall good health, there isn’t much to stop you from the procedure.

How does an arm lift work?

It’s an outpatient procedure, which means that it’s performed at the clinic. Operation times vary, but generally it’ll take one to two hours. Incisions are made in inconspicuous spots, around the inside or back side of your arm. The surgeon may choose to remove excess fat before moving on to remove the excess skin. The skin around your arm is put together again with dissolvable sutures. The result is skin that fits, looking tighter than before.

Recovery and Results

You may experience mild discomfort for up to two weeks after the procedure. Bandages and dressings are for the incision. In addition, your surgeon may recommend a compression garment or elastic bandage to manage swelling. Post-recovery, you can expect the changes to be permanent. Especially with good health and some exercise, the changes will last into the future. Generally speaking, age will have an effect on all skin, causing some sagging. Those changes tend to occur slowly over time and happen to everyone, regardless of having an arm lift or not.

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