Plastic Surgery in Toronto

February 14, 2014

These days, there is a great deal of confusion about what a Toronto plastic surgeon is. In great part, this confusion is a result of the fact that many doctors not specifically trained in surgery are now performing plastic and cosmetic surgery. When cosmetic surgery originated, it was exclusively performed by plastic surgeons. Toronto plastic surgeons are physicians who have completed 5-7 years of additional specialty training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. In Canada, a doctor formally trained in this manner will hold a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons designation (FRCS(C)).Specialty training is essentially an apprenticeship done under the supervision and guidance of a senior surgeon. In recent years, medical doctors that have not completed Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Training or in some cases, doctors who have not completed training in any surgical specialty at all are actively performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Some surgical specialists such as ENT surgeons and Otolaryngologists perform cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures of the face and neck such as facelifts, necklifts, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgeries. This is very reasonable since these specialists have undergone rigorous training in surgery of the head and neck and can apply their skills to cosmetic surgery. Other cases, such as doctors who have no formal surgical training at all, are not so clear cut and it is incumbent on all patients to ask prospective doctors what their exact training and qualifications are prior to undergoing plastic surgery procedures in Toronto. Always ensure your doctor has Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons designation (FRCS(C)) to be sure he or she is formally trained in surgery.

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