How Does Pregnancy Affect The Outcomes of Breast Surgery?

May 20, 2014
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The good news is pregnancy and breast augmentation are completely safe to have at the same time. Your pregnancy and breastfeeding will not be affected by one another. The implant itself stays intact throughout everything, and depending on the circumstance, the tissue surrounding the implant may change.

Breast Surgery

The factors that determine change

There are a range of factors that determine what happens to your body after pregnancy. These factors include:

  • the amount of tissue available, or the natural size of your breast before augmentation
  • implant size
  • skin elasticity or quality, which is often worsened by smoking and exposure to the sun
  • age
  • number of children
  • if the child was breastfed, how long nursing took place, and length of nursing
  • under the muscle or over the muscle implant
  • previous scarring and change in weight

Ultimately, the short answer is it’s hard to predict beforehand what will happen. Each woman will experience different changes after pregnancy, so you’ll know only afterwards.

Good and Bad Changes Are Possible

If your implant is located under the muscle, it’s possible to have a ridge develop, leaving a line that interrupts the smooth profile of an otherwise successful augmentation. If your implant rests above the muscle, the implant itself may stay put with the surrounding tissue falling away. In this case, it’s possible to adjust to changes with a breast lift.

If the skin and tissue were tightly wrapped around the implant to begin with, the effect can actually make the appearance and feel of the augmentation more natural. The natural shape of a breast resembles a tear drop, so having the tissue stretch out makes room for drooping that’s common in non-augmented breasts. It can be the case that successive pregnancies make the implant increasingly natural looking.

What Happens To The Breast During Pregnancy?

Each woman carries differently, and the differences can be quite subtle or very pronounced. A pregnancy often leads to at least some weight gain. In addition, breast feeding engorges the mammaries. When the mother stops nursing, milk production ceases, and the breast resumes its size. The breasts can shrink back to its size before pregnancy, which is likely to happen if pre-pregnancy weight is achieved. It can also have expanded, especially if some weight from the pregnancy is retained.

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