They Physiology of Fat

February 10, 2014

Understanding the physiology of fat can help one understand the role of liposuction in contouring our bodies and the maintenance of liposuction results. When we are born, our bodies essentially have a fixed number of fat cells. You can think of fat cells as the small units that make up a large honey-comb. When we put on weight in the form of fatty tissue, we do not add new fat cells to our body but instead, each fat cell absorbs fat from our diet and expands to a larger size. So a heavier (fatter) person has the same number of fat cells as a thinner individual but the heavier person’s fat cells are each larger than those of the thinner person. Similarly, when a person loses weight, the large fat cells shrink and become smaller in size.

When liposuction is performed, Toronto liposuction surgeon, Dr. Robert Backstein uses the liposuction device to extract a large number of the fat cells from the area being treated. Not every fat cell is removed since that would create an unnatural result with rippling and other contour problems. After liposuction has been performed, there are fewer fat cells in the area but each remaining fat cell still has the ability to take up fat from the diet and expand, thereby allowing weight to be put back on in areas previously treated with liposuction.

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