How much fat can be removed during liposuction?

January 17, 2014

9ss6dldgIt’s usually one of the top questions people have when they’re considering getting liposuction – just how much fat can be removed during the procedure?

The answer is… it can differ greatly. There isn’t a single universal answer. That’s because, just as each body is unique, so too is the amount removed during liposuction.

With liposuction performed by Dr. Backstein, the goal is not to remove as much fat as medically possible. Rather, It’s to take away just the right amount of fat from the area of concern on the patient’s body.

Remember, the aim of liposuction shouldn’t be to simply extract all of your body’s fat in a certain area. The procedure instead is done to remove a specific amount of fat so that the focus area is brought into its ideal contour, making your body look more pleasant and healthy.

For some potential patients eager to shed excess fat, this can be a bit of a headscratcher – they’ll want a significant amount of fat gone. But taking out too much fat from a body area – or being “over-suctioned” – will lead to some very unappealing outcomes and unintended consequences. Most common among these are loose skin, unattractive lumpiness, wrinkling and hollow dimpling of the skin.

With that in mind, patients with larger body sizes will need to have relatively larger total volumes of fat removed, as the effect of taking away the right amounts from multiple body areas will lead to a greater cumulative amount of fat removed. Going over safe limits in liposuction can also lead to serious health problems such as anesthesia-related reactions, shock induced by dehydration as well as infections.

Dr. Backstein has a general rule of not removing more than 4 to 5 litres of fat in a single session – a sizeable amount to extract in one operation. What’s more, when this much is removed in one go,close attention must be paid to replacing fluids with intravenous fluids.

Furthermore, liposuction procedures that remove larger volumes of body fat also require thorough post-operation monitoring. This may require a patient to stay at the clinic overnight, so their health and body reaction to the surgery can be watched closely. Larger removals of fat add to the length of surgery, and can increase the odds of blood clots forming, drops in blood pressure, among other issues. But under the watchful eye of Dr. Backstein, you’ll have as safe and effective an operation as possible.

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