How to decide what size of breast implants you should get?

January 16, 2014

j2air9dkThe number one reason that women decide to have breast implants is to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Done properly, breast implant surgery will give a patient’s chest a shape that is more in line with the size of their body.

At the Toronto cosmetic surgery clinic of Dr. Backstein, we know that picking the size of breast implants can be a tricky choice to make. Having breast implants put it in is a major decision that can noticeably change both a woman’s physical appearance as well as her self-image. For these reasons, opting to have breast implant surgery can be one of the most important decisions a woman will make about her body.

But once you’ve made up your mind about whether to have breast implants done, the follow-up question is how big they should be.This can be a major source of stress, leading to obsession over getting the “perfect” size. This is understandable. What’s too big? What’s not big enough? There’s no easy answer for this – aside from that a patient should be realistic about the size they want, and go with a set of implants that are a good match for their body – and feel good relative to their body type.

Underlying the importance of the size decision are the consequences of having implants removed. There are several factors in implant removal, including patient age, length of time the implants were in, as well as the size of those implants. Most often, after implants are removed breasts will become looser, with a saggier appearance. The larger the implants are, the more problematic implant removal can be.

So making the right choice when it comes to size is key.

Thankfully, Dr. Backstein can help.

Through his years of experience, Dr. Backstein has perfected helping women find just the right size of breast implants.

Tapping into this experience, Dr. Backstein uses a simple but effective sizing technique. Breast implant samples are placed inside a sports bra underneath a fitted or tight shirt. This gives an accurate sense of what the size of implants will feel like after the operation. While the precise shape and position of the implants may be a bit different post-surgery, this technique provides an excellent visualization of the overall volume and projection of the implants.

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