Post-Operative Care for Eyelid Surgery: 5Tips for Better Results

February 27, 2014

Eyelid-SurgeryEyelid Surgery known as Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes loose and excessive skin of the lids while reducing the unwanted fullness and volume that alludes to fatigue and age. A simple excision of unwanted skin, along with a removal of volume caused by fat collections help optimize the contour of upper and lower lids, creating a more youthful and fresh appearance.

The surgery is only one step in the quest for the ideal lid, as post-operative care is extremely important in maintaining the results. Here are some post-op tips courtesy of Dr. Robert Backstein, MD.

  • Do not remove tape/bandages! it is imperative to leave the steri-strips on as per the surgeon’s orders. This will help keep structure and shape of lid for optimal healing.
  • Rest! You will need someone to drive you home after this surgery and it is helpful to get additional help around the house for a few days after the procedure to reduce unnecessary accidents! Rest when you can and avoid any activities that increase blood pressure including but not limited to bending, lifting, exercise, and sports.Keep all activities to a minimum in the first week, this includes limiting television and reading, and avoid strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks. Depending on your job, return to work is usually 10-14 days.
  • Walk! Though you are to limit activity, it is important that you walk around to keep circulation moving which reduces swelling, and lowers the risk of blood clots.
  • Drink up! Get plenty of water and avoid any alcohol consumption while on directed pain meds
  • Up your Fibre! Medication and reduced activity may cause constipation so add healthy fibres to diet such as raw fruit to encourage bowel movement.
  • No Smoking! If you are a smoker, this may be the time to quit for good as you are encouraged cease smoking for a few weeks as smoking delays healing and increases risk of many complications.
  • Heads up! When sleeping or resting, keep your chest and head elevated at 45 degrees for at least the first week to minimize swelling.
  • No Contacts! You should wait for at least 2 weeks before the use of contact lenses. Glasses are fine, and sunglasses are encouraged when going outdoors to protect from wind, debris, irritants, and UV rays.
  • No Sun! For best results, avoid sunlight on incision for 12 months to avoid unsightly scarring. Always wear sunblock, along with wide brimmed hats for best protection.
  • Expect Colour and Swelling! Bruising and swelling are NORMAL. Healing is a gradual process, be patient and contact your physician if anything appears out of the ordinary (increased temperature, bleeding, excessive swelling). Eyelids may not close correctly at first; the doctor will prescribe something for use at bedtime and drops for the day to increase comfort.
  • No Anti-Inflammatories! Avoid all aspirins, advils, and NSAIDS for 2 weeks post-op to avoid complications with healing

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