What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants?

January 15, 2014

1jag449aHaving breasts augmented and have breast implants put in are two different names for the same cosmetic procedure – changing the size of a woman’s breasts.

And as far as cosmetic surgery procedures go, it’s a very common one that Dr. Backstein has no shortage of expertise in performing, and properly and fully screens patients to ensure the operation will be safe for them.

Breast augmentation/implant surgery has a long history, and has been performed in various methods and sizes (literally) for well over a century. But the procedure really became a mainstream operation after the 1960s, as silicone implants became widely available.

The operation itself is also very safe. This is because the focus area for the surgery is done on a superficial plane of the body that is a good distance away from large blood vessels and major organs. Remember, breast implant surgery doesn’t involve breaching or entering the chest cavity. This ensures that blood loss is kept to a very low – and safe – level that is easily controlled.

The first step on the day of the operation is the marking of a woman’s breasts with a surgical pen. Dr. Backstein does this while a patient is awake and standing, as the anatomy and position of a breast will change when a woman is lying down on the operating table.

With this done, the patient is carefully put under anesthesia. Dr. Backstein only uses anesthesiologists who have been fully certified by the Royal College of Canada, ensuring this is done with care and expertise.

Next is the most important step in breast augmentation/implant surgery – the creation of a “pocket” that the breast implant will be inserted into. Dr. Backstein does this by separating tissue layers, following the markings on the breast done before the operation. The breast implant “pocket” is then irrigated and flushed with anti-septic solution. This guarantees the pocket is sterile and ready to take the implant.These steps are then repeated for the other breast.

Finishing up, the surgical incisions are carefully sutured shut. Dr. Backstein uses absorbable surgical sutures that will in a matter of weeks degrade and be absorbed naturally by the body.

You can decide to call it breast augmentation, or you can call it breast implant surgery – but the bottom line is that having the size of your breasts changed by Dr. Backstein will safely enhance your body shape.

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