Exercise Vs Liposuction. Pros and Cons

June 12, 2014

Both exercise and liposuction will help you lose weight, and both will get rid of fat. But exercise and liposuction are not by any means equivalent. Exercise is an excellent weight loss technique, whereas liposuction is a body sculpting procedure used only to remove localized fat deposits.

Exercise Vs Liposuction

Weight loss: exercise

If you are overweight, regular exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to lose weight, increase your metabolism, and improve your body contour. Exercise will affect your entire body, and fat will eventually disappear.

The order your fat is removed depends on your unique genetic programming. For example, some women lose fat from their breasts first, while their hips remain large. This can be extremely frustrating, but once you have reached your stable body weight you can address disproportionate fat deposits.

Body sculpting: liposuction

Liposuction can target the fat which simply won’t respond to exercise. For example, many people cannot remove the excess fat from their thighs, known as lateral thigh saddle bags. Liposuction will successfully remove this fat and skilled plastic surgeons will sculpt your body to your desired contour.

Power assisted liposuction (PAL) is one of the most popular liposuction procedures. With this technique, anaesthetic liquid is injected into the fat. Then tiny vibrating cannulas are used to break up the targeted fat cells, which are suctioned away. The vibrations promote the release of the fat cells, making the body sculpting more precise.

Liposuction does not, of course, improve your metabolism or heart rate. Even when you have the body contour you desire you must ensure you take regular exercise to maintain your toned, firm body.

When should I consider liposuction?

You should consider having liposuction if you are at a stable body weight, and if you have fat deposits you cannot get rid of through exercising. Many of us are genetically programmed to develop these fat deposits, which may also be caused by pregnancy or extreme weight loss.

Tummy tuck to remove sagging skin

If you have lost a great deal of weight you may be left with lose sagging skin around your abdomen. This skin cannot be exercised away, but it can be removed in a surgical Tummy tuck procedure. The Tummy tuck is a very popular body contouring procedure offered to healthy people who have reached a stable weight.

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