How Long do You Need to Wear the Compression Garment After Liposuction?

September 11, 2014

Liposuction is an extremely effective body sculpturing procedure which removes stubborn deposits of fat that won’t respond to exercise. Liposuction has the best results when performed on patients who have reached a stable body weight, and who are physically fit.

Compression Garment After Liposuction

Liposuction recovery time

Recovery time after liposuction depends on the type of liposuction, the areas targeted, and of course on the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. For instance, Power Assisted Liposuction is an effective technique to remove more fat in a shorter amount of time than traditional liposuction.

Recovery time also depends partly on the patient following all post-liposuction recommendations. Dr. Backstien will advise his patients how long they should wear a compression garment after liposuction, and following his individual recommendations will ensure a faster healing time.

Compression garments after liposuction

Compression garments help reduce post-liposuction swelling and improve healing time. They work by collapsing the subcutaneous tunnels under your skin created by the liposuction cannula (which are the tiny tubes through which the fat cells were removed). This also helps improve your contour.

There are several types of compression garments, which should be worn all the time for at least the first week. Firm compression is recommended for the first few days after liposuction. These garments improve the inflammatory phase of wound healing and speed healing.

After about 4 days, light compression garments should be worn for 3 or 4 weeks. These garments support the body, preventing pain and discomfort.

Some patients enjoy wearing compression garments, and the improved contours they produce. However, others find compression garments slightly uncomfortable to wear. It will not cause any long term harm if you decide not to wear them after the first 4-7 days, providing your swelling has subsided and your body doesn’t hurt if it’s not getting the extra support. For best results, check with Dr. Backstein before removing your compression garment.

Exercising after liposuction

You must allow your body to heal after liposuction. In addition to wearing compression garments, you have to take it easy on the exercise. Of course, everyone’s recovery period is different, and depends on the areas and amount of liposuction. But you need to ease yourself back into it and as a general rule should only use a treadmill during week 1 at 1MPH, for week 2 at 2MPH, week 3 at 3MPH and so on until you feel your body has made a complete recovery.

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