Post-Operative Care Tips After Liposuction

March 25, 2014

 LiposuctionDepending on the areas you want treated and how much contouring is required, you’ll have either a local or general anesthesia, and some specific post-operative care tips once it’s all done. 

Post-Operative Instructions

Perhaps the most important post-op tip for liposuction is to follow the instructions laid out by your doctor. Different patients may hear slightly different advice, depending on their specific situation. So, understand that your surgeon gave you this advice for a reason. 

Keep Your Garment On

You will be given a compression garment to wear for a few weeks after your liposuction surgery, and it is important to keep it on. If you want to sponge bath, that’s okay but try not to get the garment wet in the process. 

Move Around

It’s important to keep the blood circulating in and around the area that’s been treated, so don’t remain stationary for long periods of time. Aside from when you sleep at night, get up and move around periodically during the day.  Go for short walks or even just walk around the house, as long as you’re moving. 

Be Patient

For the first day or so, you may leak a fluid onto your garment that resembles blood. This can cause anxiety, but just be patient because it isn’t blood and it will subside. You will also need to exercise patience when it comes to physical activity if you have a physical job or enjoy working out vigorously. 

The surgery itself isn’t particularly painful, but you may have to wait at least a week to resume strenuous activities like working out. Moving around is good, pushing yourself hard is not good. Wait until you feel completely recovered before resuming the challenging stuff. 

Keep Connected

Chances are, you won’t have to stay overnight when you get liposuction, very few patients do. However, you will want to keep the doctor’s contact information close by during the post-op period, just in case you need something or experience some complications. Problems aren’t common, but you want to know that help is just a phone call away on the off chance that you have an issue when you go home.

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