Is It Safe To Have A Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation Procedure Done At The Same Time?

May 27, 2014
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Combining a tummy tuck and breast augmentation into one procedure is common practice among surgeons. It’s frequently done enough to have earned the pet name, ‘mommy make-over.’ It is safely and routinely performed as an outpatient procedure.

Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation Surgery

What are the benefits of performing both procedures at once?

From the surgeon’s point of view, the main benefits are limiting your exposure to the anesthesia and reducing the number of surgeries. With the right surgeon, the two surgeries can be performed in 4 to 5 hours. Any longer and the risk of complication is increased. If your surgeon believes that they will require more time, it may not be possible to have an outpatient procedure.

From the client’s perspective, there’s the added benefit of less recovery time, lower cost, and fewer incisions. Some doctors may insert the implant through the same incision used for the tummy tuck. Fewer incisions means less scarring, leading to a better aesthetic in the end. There is some cost savings having two procedures at once, and the recovery time will not be extended by the additional surgery, as healing around the breasts and torso will happen at the same time. By the end of the recovery period, your body will be fully healed, and you’ll have achieved the desired look in half the time.

Are you a suitable candidate for combining procedures?

As appealing as having the two surgeries rolled into one is, first check to see whether you are a suitable candidate. Being in good general health is a great starting point, and you should also be a prime candidate for surgery and anesthesia to begin with. The surgery will take longer than having either a tummy tuck or breast augmentation on its own. This extended operating time means that you’ll be anesthetized for longer. For clients with existing health conditions, the double procedure may not be advisable.


Immediately after a procedure, you will not be able to work for a short period. Two surgeries means two periods that you will have to take off from work. Healing from the combined procedures will take the same amount of time, although your body will have to do more work. Some discomfort or pain will be experienced by some clients. Some of these clients will require a more intensive recovery process.

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