Where Do Tummy Tucks Leave Scars?

March 31, 2014

Tummy Tuck ProcedureSometimes, if you have lost a large amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, there is a section of abdominal skin and fat that just won’t go away. This often happens after a pregnancy, too. It can be particularly frustrating because no matter how disciplined you are or how hard you work, nothing happens. That is why the tummy tuck surgery is a common one for women trying to rid themselves of that excess skin and fat. 

One of the questions that women tend to ask about the tummy tuck is how many scars are left by the surgery, and where are they located?

The Basic Procedure

In the basic tummy tuck procedure, abdominal muscles are tightened up and excess skin is removed. The goal is to make the abdominal area more aesthetically pleasing and make it feel more comfortable to the recipient. At some point during the procedure, the belly button is also moved, so it is in balance with the rest of the midsection. Some surgeons (including Dr. Backstein) will also liposuction out the upper abdominal area and love handles as part of the procedure, for an even greater effect. 

The Scars

You will have two scars after receiving the tummy tuck procedure. One is a horizontal scar just above the pubic area and the second is circular and it is around the belly button. Your surgeon will always do his best to hide the horizontal scar so it isn’t visible when you wear a bikini or bathing suit, but that isn’t always possible. 

Everyone has a slightly different body type, and on some types the horizontal scar is just more noticeable than on others. You may encounter surgeons who claim that they can do a tummy tuck without any scars, but these types should definitely be called into question before you allow them to operate on you as a scarless tummy tuck is impossible. 

If you want the ideal combination of flattening, tightening, removal and overall beauty, the two incisions are necessary and so are the scars. The two scars will become less and less visible as time goes by after the procedure. At first, they will be red and slightly inflamed, but over time they will fade and flatten. This may take up to a year, and it is different for everyone, but they will typically fade to the point that the result of the surgery far outweighs any issue you may have with the scars.

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