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Everyone deserves to feel good about their bodies, and we all take steps to try and achieve those goals.

Whether we’re choosing to change our hair, update our wardrobes, or turn around our looks completely, there are changes we can make to our appearance that will make us feel better about the bodies we live in.

We here at Dr. Backstein’s clinic offer the best in cosmetic procedures to our clients. Our staff have extensive experience in a wide range of cosmetic procedures, and we uphold an ongoing high level of customer satisfaction.

How we look can have a great effect on our self-esteem, and many things can happen to leave us dissatisfied with our appearance. Whether you feel your breasts are too small or they’re simply starting to show signs of gravity, there are options available to you. From breast implants to a breast lift, the areas of your body that are leaving you unconfident can be erased with a short procedure and small recovery process.

Knowing that you can take steps to improve yourself means that you don’t have to let your insecurities interfere with your life. Choosing Dr. Backstein, MD, will ensure that the procedures will exceed your expectations.

We’re invested in the safety and success of each and every client and strive to do our best in each and every procedure.

Although our list of services is extensive, we excel in some of the most popular areas of plastic surgery:


Newmarket has deep roots in Canada, and it’s not generally considered a new area in the GTA.

The growth and development of the city has been rapidly increasing, and the fast paced style of life in Toronto is spreading to the outer regions.

In addition to having a life full of commitments and personal interests, there’s also the social pressure of keeping up with appearances. Choosing cosmetic surgery can give you the boost in self-esteem to try new things, be more outgoing, and show confidence in our looks.

Driving from Newmarket to our office is simple. Drop by our office for a consultation today.


  1. Drive on 404 South
  2. Head onto highway 407 West
  3. Exit on Steeles Ave West
  4. Turn left onto Pine Valley Drive
  5. Make another left at Steeles Avenue West until you reach building 5109

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I feel 100 percent better. You did an amazing job, thank you again ;) I'm very happy.

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