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Cosmetic Surgery Orillia, Ontario

Dr. Robert Backstein takes pride in offering unparalleled cosmetic surgery services. He understands that a great cosmetic surgery experience begins with an attentive and personalized consultation.

With a great relationship to the citizens of Orillia, Dr. Backstein is pleased to be able to extend his knowledge and care to patients in the Sunshine City!

In 1867, the village of Orillia was founded, the very same year that Canada became a country! And the Orillia area’s history goes back even further than that, as archaeologists have found evidence of human activity in the area from thousands of years ago. With deep historical roots and a bright future, it’s no wonder that Orillia ranks as one of Canada’s best communities.

Whether they are coming for the Orillia Opera House, the newly founded Lakehead University, or the city’s famed waterfront, visitors from far and wide come and enjoy Orillia’s warm hospitality.

Orillia residents are lucky to live in such a dynamic and multifaceted area. On the one hand, they can enjoy the sublime beauty of wilderness, lakes and cottage country. On the other, they are just a short drive from one of the largest and most multi-cultural cities in the world: Toronto.

Some of the best cosmetic surgeons can be found in Toronto. And with their enviable proximity to Toronto, Orillia residents can enjoy all that they have to offer. Dr. Backstein is one of the most skilled and renowned surgeons in the area, and he is happy to provide his expertise to the people of Orillia.



  1. Get on Mississsaga Street W heading southwest
  2. Keep left to stay on Mississaga St W
  3. Turn Right onto ON-12, the Trans-Canada Highway
  4. Take the ramp to ON-11 South
  5. Stay on ON-11 until you get to the ramp on the left for ON-400 S
  6. Keep left to merge onto ON-400 S
  7. Get off on the ON-407/Express Toll Route exit
  8. Stay to the right and follow the signs, and merge onto ON-407 West
  9. Take exit 63 for Regional Road57/Pine Valley Drive
  10. Turn left on Regional Road 57/Pine Valley Drive
  11. Turn Left on Steeles Avenue West
  12. Dr. Backstein’s cosmetic surgery clinic will be on your right

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