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Breast Feeding With Breast Implants

In general, breast implants surgery will not affect a woman's ability to breast feed. A closer look at how the procedure is done helps to explain why this is.

When the pocket is created during breast implant augmentation the breast mound itself is not violated. This is true whether the implants are placed submuscular (below the muscle) or subglandular (above the muscle, below the breast). The implant is never actually placed into the substance of the breast where the milk glands and ducts leading from the gland to the nipple are located but instead is always placed beneath the breast tissue leaving all the structures important to breast feeding intact and untouched. The only exception is if a woman chooses to have breast implant surgery performed using a peri-areolar (around the areola) incision. In these cases, the incision itself and the associated scar tissue or mastitis may lead to interference with breast feeding in some cases. The important message is that if breast feeding is important to you, avoid the use of the areolar incision in your breast augmentation surgery.

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