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Breast Implant Cost & Pricing

There are several factors that will determine the total cost of your breast implants surgery. These include:

Type of implant : Breast implants using silicone gel breast implants will always cost more than breast augmentation using saline breast implants because silicone implants cost more to supply for the procedure.

Texture and shape of implant : Textured and tear-drop (anatomic) breast implants cost more than smooth round implants. Your surgeon will advise you if the benefits of these implants in your particular case justify the additional expense.

Type of anesthesia : Breast augmentation done under local anesthesia will cost less than breast augmentation done under general anesthesia. The higher price of breast implants done under general anesthesia is due to the need to have an anesthesia specialist present during the procedure. Most surgeons, however, prefer to do breast augmentation surgery with the patient under general anesthesia as it can be difficult to adequately numb the breasts using simple local anesthesia needles. If your surgeon does not offer the procedure under general anesthesia, he or she may not have Royal College of Canada certification in surgery.

Additional procedures : During a breast augmentation consultation, it may come to light that additional procedures in addition to breast implants may augment your results. For example a mastopexy (breast lift) procedure may be suggested to provide additional lifting and perkiness to the breast. Additional procedures will increase the overall cost of the breast implant procedure. If other unrelated procedures are done at the same time, for example a tummy tuck or liposuction, then your surgeon may give you a discounted price on the combined procedure.

Other factors : surgeons ultimately adjust prices based on the above factors as well as personal price point preferences for the breast implant procedure. Click Here to view some of Dr. Backstein's breast augmentation before and after photos.

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