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Zyderm Plastic Surgery Fillers

Zyderm is composed of a highly purified collagen used to correct imperfections. The collagen implant comes in the form of zyderm 1 and zyderm 2, which contains twice the collagen concentration. Following injection, the implant undergoes syneresis, and the suspended collagen is compressed into a soft cohesive network of fibers, responsible for repairing the skins contour. Once the implant has been colonized by host connective tissue cells, it takes on the texture and appearance of regular host tissue and is subjected to the same stresses and ageing processes. This process occurs over a period of months.

Zyderm 1 and zyderm 2 collagen implants are employed in various areas of the body. They correct distensible acne scars, glabellar frown lines, nasolabial folds, rhinoplasty, and other surgically-induced irregularities and defects of the soft tissue. Lesions such as ice-pick acne scars, viral pockmarks, and superficial rhytides have proven difficult to correct. In cases of extensive scarring, the correction will be prolonged only if achievable. However, even a small amount of zyderm collagen implanted within a scar will soften the tissue and allow for a subsequent correction.

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